Content: -2 Extreme caution for older teenagers and adults.

Production Quality:

What You Need To Know:Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, BURNT BY THE SUN is a subtly intriguing film. Director Nikita Mikhalkov's saga relates the carefree antics of an enchanting extended family against the backdrop of the ominous Stalin-ruled socialist Soviet state. Regrettably, this subtitled movie contains some questionable scenes of brief nudity, sexual intercourse, and violence, plus the promotion of socialism and worship of the state and its leader, although there is a subtle, satirical anti-Stalinist undertone.

Content:(Ac, H, L, V, SS, NN) Subtly anti-Stalinist though socialism portrayed & promoted; 10 obscenities & vulgarities; brief violence...

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Aug 19th 2012
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