"Mixed Nuttiness"Content: -2 Extreme caution for older teenagers and adults.

Production Quality:

What You Need To Know:ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES is an epic-scaled sequel to a 2004 comedy. Six years later, San Diego news anchorman Ron Burgundy is now married to Veronica Corningstone. They both share a job hosting weekend news in New York City and a 6-year-old son. Their channel’s top anchorman retires and offers to hire Veronica as his replacement while firing Ron altogether. Ron tells Veronica to choose between the job and their marriage. When she takes the job, he winds up as a drunken announcer at Sea World back in San Diego. Things change when a producer from a new 24-hour Cable news channel offers to hire Ron and his friends for the graveyard shift. There...

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Dec 17th 2013
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