"Jewish Comedy of Manners"Content: +2 Moderately questionable elements.

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What You Need To Know:FILL THE VOID is a light comedy of manners from Israel. The story focuses on 18-year-old Shira, whose older sister has just tragically died, leaving a young infant son. Her sister’s death puts Shira’s own arranged marriage to a young man on hold, but everyone is impressed by how well Shira takes care of her sister’s baby. A year passes, and Shira’s mother finds out that her son-in-law, Yochay, may move to Europe to marry another woman. Devastated, the mother tries to figure out a way to keep Yochay and her grandson in Israel. Her solution? Have Shira marry Yochay! But, does Shira WANT to marry Yochay? Sure enough,...

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Jan 3rd 2014
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