"To Curry Dad’s Favor"Content: +3 Some minor questionable elements. (Media-wisdom is suggested to discuss.)

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What You Need To Know:In 1997’s, LEAVE IT TO BEAVER movie, Theodore (Beaver) Cleaver is a short, sincere 8-year-old who looks up to his elder brother, Wally. Regrettably, try as he might, Beaver just can’t seem live up to his father’s expectations. Small of stature, Beaver has a hard time at football practice. In the one game where the coach lets him play, which his father is watching, he flubs the play and passes the football to a smart-aleck opposing player who called for the pass. Even worse, he forfeits the shiny new bike his Dad buys him to the town bully. How can he make his Dad proud now? Most...

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May 16th 2014
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