"What We Do at Night Stays at Night"Content: -4 Intentional blasphemy, evil, gross immorality, and/or worldview problems. (To be avoided)

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What You Need To Know:WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS tells the story of three vampires, who are having problems adjusting to life in the 21st Century. Each night the young vampires hit the streets of Wellington, New Zealand, searching for victims to kill. They go to local bars, nightclubs and all kinds of social gatherings, but must avoid sunlight, which is deadly to vampires. Trouble occurs when the group turns the ex-boyfriend of their female servant into a vampire. A rival werewolf gang causes even more trouble. WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS has some funny comical, satirical moments, but the story isn’t all...

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Mar 17th 2015
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