Mediocre ‘Goon’ Sequel Won’t Make us Forget ‘Slap Shot’

The 2012 film “Goon” became a modest indie hit with its story of a bouncer who punches his way into a minor league hockey career.

Seann William Scott of “American PIe” fame played Doug Glatt, a natural when it comes to fisticuffs. Doug got called up to protect a high-scoring prospect who became gun-shy after an on-ice collision.

“Goon” may not have broken new ground, but it served its subject well as a firm representation of the sport. Scott played his character as a simple and straight-forward soul with a defined code. Scott’s Doug balanced the team and improved the locker room morale.

It delivered both an enjoyable sports story and a respectable hockey movie.

“Goon: Last of the Enforcers” reunites all the key...

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Aug 31st 2017
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