"Flawed Comic Morality Tale"Content: -2 Extreme caution for older teenagers and adults.

Production Quality:

What You Need To Know:HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER is a crossover comedy mostly in English with some Spanish. Maximo is a Mexican immigrant married to a rich elderly American woman for 25 years. However, his wife finds a much younger man and tosses Maximo out. Though they haven’t spoken in years, Maximo moves in with his widowed sister, Sara, and her cute 10-year-old son, Hugo. Maximo learns Hugo has a secret crush on a schoolmate, who’s the granddaughter of a rich, beautiful older woman. In order to get close to the grandmother, Maximo starts to teach Hugo how to behave around girls like Maximo does. Comical complications ensue. HOW TO BE A LATIN LOVER...

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May 4th 2017
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