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Solid series and great premise. Painfully obvious criticism of capitalism as the main allegory though. Also the last 3 episodes when the main antagonists are revealed will irk you. They are all White guys except for one Chinese guy I think. To be fair, you can't really blame a Korean guy for viewing the world this way. America is occupying his land and his critiques of the system are not just Commie ones, they are more National Socialist and anti-Globalist. It's hard to see it that way when viewing though. And I doubt that's his intention. 

This isn't a typical foreign series. “Parasite,” for example, was a criticism of capitalism and the class differences in Korean society. But unlike "Parasite" this was a series created for Netflix. Netflix: the POZ megacorp that hired the obamas.
So, it should be viewed with the same skepticism as any "Netflix original series." In other words, it’s anti-White and has basic b**ch shallow critiques of capitalism. Which is why I’d say you’re probably better off not watching at all. I mean, you can ignore the 2 anti-white episodes. And to be honest, it is a very compelling series of events in the beginning. But the conclusion just fizzles out and ending scenes are a bit incoherent. It was just trying too hard to be deep it seemed. Korean soap opera vibes. And there's a second season coming that'll likely get worse. So skip it.

But if a friend insists, it’s not that bad. Entertaining for sure…


Jan 1st 2022
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