‘The 355’ Offers a Greatest Hits Package of Action Movie Tropes

One look at “The 355” and it’s hard not to ask a simple question.

Just how woke will it be?

The film stars five actresses in a genre men generally dominate – spy capers. Plus, Hollywood’s obsession with faux female empowerment (Just ask Gina Carano about that topic…) is undeniable.

The good news?

“The 355” keeps the focus on the action where it rightly belongs. It’s formula fare, no doubt, down to the boilerplate dialogue. Plus, veteran action producer-turned-director Simon Kinberg (the “X-Men” franchise) knows this terrain as well as anyone.

Jessica Chastain leads the ensemble cast as Mace, a CIA agent who doesn’t play by the rules. Plus, she has no time for a social life. Talk about breaking,...

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Jan 6th 2022
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