LAST CALL (2021)

LAST CALL is the tale of a real estate developer, Mick, who returns to his old Philadelphia neighborhood in Darby Heights after his mother dies. His family’s bar is in foreclosure. Mick must decide if he will save the bar, or profit from its demise and continue in his lucrative career in his upscale side of town. LAST CALL is depressing, unfunny and full of debauchery and lewd behavior, which includes abundant “f” words, along with prostitution, sexual immorality, pornography, substance abuse, and other destructive behavior.

After the death of his mother, Mick finds himself back in his old Irish neighborhood, which, like his family, is struggling to survive. His family is falling apart. Dougal, his brother, can barely manage to stay out of prison. The patriarch, Lawrence, is unable...

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Jan 7th 2022
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