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This current era binge watch series has all the tropes we despise yet it highlights them in a negative way instead of a positive.

And I'm not even talking about the ways we'd see and understand to hate them, but in the classic warning ways that normies used to see and understand.

There's a dangerous sjw f*g boy who is one of the main villains. Starts out you think he's gonna be the besty of the main girl we're supposed to love for his LGBT ways, but his character goes on to show the dangerous predatory ways of sexual deviants. It's scripted that way. It's not something a right winger has to read into it.

Then there's the stealing, cheating, junkie white woman who turns mudshark because of some strong "sexy" black man she can't resist. Of course he's a magical negro with morals who "heals" her of her heroin addiction, but it just goes to show that only nasty and desperate women on the bottom of society are into race mixing. That's maybe an unintentional bit of narrative but it's still plain to see for even normie viewers. I think it would turn off any jungle fever curious white wahmen to see that the type who'd race mix are nasty to begin with.

Then the main villainess is a elderly Hillary Clinton age range hippie boomer sh*tlib flower lady who'd probably have Dem candidate signs in her garden yard every election season and would religiously follow Liz Warren on Twatter. She's also "spiritual not religious" i.e. a crypto Satanist. She unleashes a demonic apocalypse because she's so in tune with the sinister Mist floating around.

More right leaning themes are a Chad is mistakenly MeToo'd by the mob when it was the f*g boy who really raped the pretty good girl of the town with his sinister using his fake lifestyle to get close to her like the predator they are.

Series tries to have a few of its tropes about the right but the left comes off as the true villains of the catastrophe.

Kind of foreboding in a lot of ways too since it came out a few years before the pandemic and lockdowns and s**t.

First season of the series (which was discontinued because probably most normies thought it would be insufferably woke) ends on a cliff hanger that warns against a corrupt U.N. style or FEMA camp style thing going on in the background where military trains are roaming around on the edge of the town disposing of dead bodies? Showing that the government is not to be trusted in times of crisis.

I spoiled it pretty much but it's worth watching still to see the left portrayed as the dangerous Satanic villains that they truly are.

Jan 13th 2022
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