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This is less of a review and more of a bringing of awareness. *Silent Jazz Hands like a Socialist Meeting in Seattle*

I keep seeing ads for this on Fox News of all places....

Looks to be about an illegal immigrant woman (but not as ugly as they are in reality) who is also some John Wick style assassin or something in some absurd woke Hollywood fantasy..

more than just the unintentional cringe and comedy from that there's the

bigger propaganda going on..

Half the ad features her being a great mom to her son. A single mom that is.

If she were a legit illegal immigrant dreamer mom then she'd have multiple snot nosed kids dragging them around and a bun in the oven..

They try to make it like these hard working dreamer women and their kids are a plus to society and not the drag that they really are.

They aren't hardworking single moms cleaning our toilets. Well, maybe some of them do for Hollywood types

but for most of us we see them in the grocery store with their carts piled full of FoodStamp free food, we see them clogging up the health clinics with their children who all have free healthcare, we feel their pinch when we pay our taxes, we have to see our towns and cities completely changed into foreign countries in mere decades since their invasion...

they are 90 percent of school classrooms now and childbirths at hospitals..

instead of this lame fantasy for bored and snoozing boomers on network t.v. why not just have an honest documentary about why you elites are allowing this invasion..

the demographic decline caused by causing western women to abandon family for career and cheap sex thrills and empowerment nonsense...

it's all about keeping that precious GDP up and they need the hordes to do so.

but the mind poison is still here and the horde's children and children's children will be just as corrupt as you have made us.

but maybe the machines will be here by then to service the elites and they can have a show called "The Cleaning Robot" that the sad demographically declining brown people can watch in 60 years and the vampire goblin Jewish elites can give it awards or pat themselves on the backs for creating it.

We'll be long dead and won't have to worry about it anymore.

Jan 13th 2022
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