Badassery Exists Only to Defend Cuckholdry
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Made in the least æsthetic time period in human history, the 1970s, this movie optimizes fundamental problems with the political experiment that is America.

Dirty Harry, the "quick to shoot the bad guy" type, discovers and is offered the chance to join a vigilante-cop faction within his police department that kills criminals because the system is fucked. But he cucks, and even though this is his exact æsthetic, he defends the current legal paradigm like a classic American "tough-guy" conservative, sitting in an unmoving, burning vehicle clutching "muh Constituion" as everything they ever valued is destroyed.

It is reminiscent of the Western fight against fascism in WWII. Men fighting against their own interest, albeit in a tough way, but ultimately to defend cuck values.

Some minor gun appreciation but not very realistic or interesting. I'm not a revolver guy.

Far too many black people, and the 70s were a bad time for them style-wise, especially their hair. Lots of depiction of promiscuity, including pointless race-mixing by Dirty Harry with an Asian.

The movie is inadvertently based in the same way movies showing Nazis are based, that the good guys, although depicted poorly, show based-values. The faction of biker-cops killing criminals in the high-crime 70s is based.

It's an ugly film, typical of the 70s.

Jan 18th 2022
This review was posted from Japan or from a VPN in Japan.
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