An American Goes to Australia to Kill Other White People
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Quigley Down Under is a Jewish Western that has a strong message of anti-manifest destiny and anti-colonization. An American cowboy answers a job ad from a rancher in Australia. The job ad states that it's for killing wild dingos. When the cowboy arrives the job ad is actually about removing Abos from the rancher's land as the Abos are killing cattle, disturbing farmland, etc. The "hero" rejects this notion, refuses the job by beating up the white rancher. The "hero" kills many other whites who are trying to remove the Abos while simultaneously being saved by the Abos. This is entirely unrealistic. It even has a situation where the characters adopt an Abo child for awhile, but refuses procreation. This is a typical white savior movie from the 90s. A white American has to oppose other evil white people to save minorities. The leading "lady" is literally a s**t crying over everything. She has a terrible case of man face and is likely a non-white that has an expression of white features. It is difficult to find anything good about this. It has some gunplay, but it's not worth it. Personally I like that it doesn't have much to say about religion. There is no gay agenda in this movie at least. There is no actual heroism. The villain is comically evil. The "hero" doesn't have to get stronger and is never put in any real danger. He repeatedly survives 1 vs 20 encounters. Just don't watch it.  
Jan 18th 2022
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