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I remember the reruns of this show playing when I was really young. So I don't have any memories other than the premise, the iconic intro, and the several references made to it through shows like "Family Guy" & "Always Sunny."
I've been giving it a go and am on Season 2 Episode 4. Unfortunately, it's proto-woke. There are so many amazing places in history he could go and yet for 15 episodes or so it's just been a bunch of small towns in America between 1930 - 1970.


And every single plot revolved around a privileged Heterosexual White Male putting himself in the shoes of an oppressed minority or in the shoes of a White savior. YAWN!

And since it's out-dated, it's not infuriating or over the top like modern egalitarian crap. It's just boring and predictable. ( Sadly, when I watch a lot of older Star Trek shows the same thing rings true. ) I'm hoping future episodes get more creative and quit beating the same dead horse. If so, I'll write another review or update this one. Until then, I'd say this show has an enjoyable premise and fun elements, but overall is very skippable. Watch a few episodes if they're free, just to get the references I guess...
EDIT: Just watched the retarded episode (S02E08). This scene is the best part:

After that it's all down hill. In fact, the rest doesn't really make sense, because Scott Bakula proves retards aren't dumb by using his skills as a high IQ doctor. Like giving CPR on a drowning boy to save his life, or pointing out that the workplace bully has symptoms of dyslexia.  Then he zaps into another time and leaves poor Jimmy with everyone's high expectations. 

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Jan 20th 2022
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