The Relic Trap: 'Don Verdean' and the Spectacle of Certainty

The black comedy Don Verdean is about a biblical "archaeologist" who ends up tumbling down the rabbit hole of fraud, fame, greed, faith, media spectacle, and self-delusion. The titular character (Verdean) is a popular apologetic self-proclaimed archaeologist. His claim to fame was "discovering" the scissors Deliah used to cut off Samson's hair. From this find, Verdean gets renown, embarking on several speaking tours and a book deal. He is a consummate folksy anti-academic, self-publishing without ties to a university. Verdean touts his humble inability as a sign of God's providence in revealing these historic proofs. However, as the film begins, his fame is slipping as he has not found any new artifacts as of late.  Verdean is a folksy anti-academic. He self-publishes, has no ties with...

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Oct 23rd 2020
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