Chrissie Mayr's Matrix Resurrections SPOILER Chat: Was It THAT Bad? Keanu Reeves. Carrie Ann Moss

  SPOILER ALERT! Oh boy was it awful! Chrissie Mayr recaps and reviews the new Wachowski Sisters fourth installment of the Matrix franchise, "Matrix Resurrections". Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss return to the series with newcomers galore. Feeling Anxious? Smoke your CBD! Go to Kushy Dreams and use the code CMP to get 20% off your order plus free shipping! Try new NightMayr hot sauce from Silk City Hot Sauce! Go to and use the code CMP to get a discount! Treat yo self! Go to and use promo code CMP to get 20% off plus free shipping! Do you enjoy my video content? I use Streamyard and it's made the BIGGEST impact on my livestreams, videos, and clips! FREE 14 Day Trial if you use my referral code!

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Jan 28th 2022
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