Nightmare Alley, 2021 - ★★★★½

Caught a late showing of the black-and-white (NIGHTMARE ALLEY: VISION IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT) cut at the Drafthouse and it was really quite wonderful. There's something about draining the color from Cooper's eyes that just turns him into a stone-cold maniac in a number of those scenes, particularly early on when he's casing the carnies.

I said in my first review that this is the best of del Toro's films since PAN'S LABYRINTH and that's in part because it's the first of his films since then to really earn the punctuations of grotesque violence that litter his R-rated work. I always thought they felt out of place in CRIMSON PEAK and THE SHAPE OF WATER, but here, in a movie about the complete ugliness of the world, they're necessary.

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Jan 31st 2022
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Sonny Bunch
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