‘Dog Days’ Is a Wet Sloppy Kiss of a Comedy

Your patience with “Dog Days” may be directly proportional to one simple fact.

Are you a dog person?

Check that box and you’ll put up with plenty, from a bloated running time to pretty predictable story arcs. There’s an undeniable sweetness to the film all the same along with some hidden strengths.

Take the sneaky smart comic asides from a talented cast. And don’t discount a whiff of romance you know is coming but feel all the same.

Add one stone-cold fact of life. Dogs never miss a reaction shot.

Ever. The story follows several characters who all share a love for our four-legged friends. Vanessa Hudgens is Tara, a kind-hearted coffee slinger smitten with the local vet. Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev) hosts a chirpy L.A. morning show and is struggling...

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Aug 8th 2018
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