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Seraph of the End is a botched adaptation, let down by studio cancellation, a tight year of release, and the pacing of the first few and its deviant final episodes. I own the prequel novels and will like to read the manga once its restocked. There are some positives despite the criticism this anime gets. Its characters become more likeable by midway of season 1 - Shinoa Hiragi being my favourite. Season 2 has better fight scenes and is much more intense. The plot becomes more interesting by then, unfortunately getting cancelled like many other anime released in that time period (Asterik War, HunterXHunter, Deadman Wonderland). This anime borrows too much from Evangelion and Attack on Titan, which is where all the comparisons can be drawn like a pick and mix in a poundshop. I'd strongly recommend this anime as being a launch pad for the manga series which has far better reviews.
Feb 4th 2022
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