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I barely remember this on TV when I was a child. But older shows are usually less woke so I started watching it again. I’m mid way through season 2 and the hypergamy is annoying. It’s basically the precursor to “Sex and the City.” They just couldn’t get away with as much brazen degeneracy. Also it seems like this is more targeted towards the female fantasy of monogamy with men fighting over you. Like a traditional rom com. Literally has the rich businessman engagement broken off for the starving artist trope. So it’s nicer than the gay men projecting their own lifestyles onto women dynamic we see from “Sex and the City.” Overall, it’s still just heartwarming to see cheeseball banter among a White friend group. And the cartoonist aesthetic and bright scenery makes the subject matter very palatable. Therefore, I’d recommend the show as a change of pace from modern dark and dreary ultra real “grit” but there are surely better 90’s sitcoms to watch before you come around to this one.
Feb 15th 2022
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