You Better Buckle Up for ‘The Cursed’

It doesn’t take long for “The Cursed” to yank audiences out of their comfort zones. Hard.

The shocker shows war-time surgeries that are blunt and disturbing. There’s a point to the horrific visuals, though, one that bookends a story that recharges some classic horror tropes.

That dedication, and a director fully versed in genre essentials, make “The Cursed” a treat for those tough enough to tolerate its shocks. That may winnow out a fair share of viewers.

The story begins during World War I but quickly steps back into the late 1800s. We meet an affluent French family whose patriarch (Alistair Petrie) stages a one-sided war against a nearby community over a land dispute.

Might makes right, apparently. It’s one of the most disturbing...

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Feb 15th 2022
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