How ‘The Temp’ (Barely) Survived Its Extreme Makeover

Tom Holland’s “The Temp” (1993) is a thriller that takes place within a cookie company called Mrs. Appleby’s, which is famous for its “Butter Baked” cookies.

It also becomes a place of murder, deception and corporate duplicity, in a manner that probably never happened at Pepperidge Farms or Famous Amos. In fact, the setting is one of the elements that makes this goofy, flawed but enjoyable guilty pleasure so scrumptious.

Faye Dunaway plays Charlene, the head of Mrs. Appleby’s, a role that most assume is a winking homage to her Oscar winning role in “Network” (1976) but is reportedly her impression of then-Paramount Pictures CEO Sherry Lansing.

By the way, the last name of Dunaway’s character is Towne, a possible reference to the screenwriter of “Chinatown.”


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Feb 16th 2022
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