This is a nostalgic film from back in the day. Recently, I was talking to a guy about manifesting and quantum physics and decided to give it a watch. It’s free on YouTube right now as well, so I figured what the heck. TL;DR basically everything they say in the film is false. But I am a believer in positive thinking and many successful people are as well. At the very least placebo effect and rewiring your brain through actions is something we can all agree on. But I take it a step further and get a little “woo woo” with it. The book “Think And Grow Rich” talks about the power of the mind and describes Law of Attraction kind of principles. Yet, this was written in the early 20th Century and is inspired by influential men who changed history such as the based anti-semite, Henry Ford. Which is why I don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because of a few crazies and wine aunts who soil its reputation.
There are tons of modern equivalents to people like Ford. The question is, is it selection bias? Successful people tend to be optimistic and confident, but what about all the hippie bums who babble about the power of manifesting? Tough call. My take away is that it’s a tool like anything else, and most plebs just don’t follow through. “Consistency beats hard work every time.” The way I see it is that affirmations/meditation/positive thinking/etc. are like going to the gym. And the people who have the best results go to the gym regularly and have routines based on obtainable goals that they put the work in for. I would wager that Will Smith and Steve Harvey check their Vision Board daily and meditate religiously. Whereas that art ho witch in your History class just likes day dreaming in the shower.
The Secret, according to Mac and Dennis.
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