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Open Letter To Content Creators:

Right now your fans, subscribers, Patreons, etc. are likely exhausted from every day politics. We’re sick of the polarizing fake outrage clickbait crap, and we’re all bored with the political theater. Both the left and the right are losing faith in democracy and the legitimacy of the system as a whole. So your daily streams about the latest BLM victim or AOC gaffe are getting old. But you make your living from consistent Super Chats or at the very least frequent output of content. 

So why not add movie/tv/game reviews to your repertoire? Easy no-brainer content for you to make, lots of pop culture keywords to improve your SEO rank, new fans will stumble onto you and old fans will be refreshed with a change of pace. 
Oh and of course, the RightWingTomatoes community will grow and serve as a hub for the anti-Woke coalition. An easy way to navigate the incessant Woke nagging from Hollywood.
Wow, and think about if you hid 1/5 reviews behind a paywall… 
C’mon, whaddaya say?


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