Known Issues:
We are working on perfecting the algorithm and expanding the database, but need your help identifying errors and false positives. Please comment with the links and issues below.
> Incorrect movie or tv show cast
> Incorrect streaming links 
> Irrelevant blog link with no review
> YouTube/BitChute videos don’t embed
> Missing review text
> Infinite redirect loops or broken links (e.g. Kyle Smith & TradWorkersParty)
> Missing actor images 
> Latino/Indian issues with facial recognition 


Features To Come:
> Specific Cast Demographic Filters (e.g. Jewish Writers, Black Male Producer)
> Specific Cast KeyWord Filters (e.g. Croatian Female, Irish Male)
> Interactive Representation Tables / PieCharts
> CrowdSource Demographic Verdict
> CrowdSource Error/Relevance Help
> Recent Disqus Comments Visible Everywhere
> 4Chan Archive Search Result Algorithm Integration
> Game Database
> Book Database
> aggregator of film related news ‘n stats
> Similar media recommendations
> Help Pick & Agree On A Movie Feature
> Twice a Month Newsletter
> AmericaFirst.Live, Banned.Video,, etc. podcast audio converted into searchable text transcripts to help find the 3 minute movie review in the 3 hour improv rambles
> Religious filters for cast
> GWGB pt 2, 3, 4
> etc.

Writers Wanted!
>Comment with blog links or email if you want to join our staff.

All requests, comments, concerns, death threats, etc. should be posted below as a comment. That way the web dev team can see what users want and what new features/error fixes should be prioritized.  

Thank you! <3


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