Hot Mic Hypocrite - Jim Jeffries Finally Got Caught!

(Language warning!)

Avi Yemini, (a Jewish Australian rightwing YouTuber), was interviewed and taken out of context as we all know the MSM tends to do. But he wasn’t as stupid as most of the willing victims who go on the show. Instead, he filmed the whole thing. And was lucky enough to get Jim Jefferies saying some of the most egregious stuff on camera. Like joking about dead Muslim babies and drawing the Prophet Muhammed. Check it out:

Hidden Camera: Jim Jefferies EXPOSED

(BitChute mirror here.)

For those of you who knew Jim Jefferies before his Netflix deal, this may come as no shock. He started out incredibly sexist/Islamaphobic, and vulgar. He was hilarious back then. In fact, it was the leftwing reinvention of himself that was initially surprising.

A great YouTube documentary by Beige Frequency explains what’s really going on with Jim and why he went from mysognist to feminist overnight:

The Truth About Jim Jefferies

And just a friendly reminder that Jim started his cringey leftwing purity spiral a while ago. Remember when he attacked Piers Morgan regarding Islamaphobia?

This video from an Anti-SJW Australian YouTuber, Bearing, breaks it down and summarizes how most Aussies feel about him:

Jim Jefferies – Stop being an embarrassing c#nt!

I wonder if his “White Savior” virtue signaling will prevent the Muslim community from trying to murder him?