We are merely a normie friendly movie review site that allows politically incorrect anonymous reviews. However “the times are a changin'” and despite how cliché it is to say: we really are living in a 1984-esque dystopia. So it’s better safe than sorry. Thuletide has a good breakdown on staying anonymous here. These wiki pages do too:



And if we are living in 1984, might as well act like it. Two relevant passages:


Basically, at RWT we think the best way to keep your data safe is by not ever having it! Don’t give it to us. We don’t want it!

We have never had a data breach to date and we aren’t snitches. But you should assume the feds and AntiFa will try to steal any info we have. So never give us your full name or your private email! IP addresses are more-or-less worthless, but we don’t want those either! Use a VPN or Tor. 
Some people argue VPN’s are a bigger risk than they are a help. That’s not for us to say. But if enough users obscure their IP address it will help dilute any data stolen from us. It’ll give wiggle room and plausible deniability for all other users. Still, what Google and Apple track about you is out of our hands…

Don’t mean to overreact or be paranoid, but we take your privacy very seriously! 


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