I’ve been on a Jung kick lately. Watching tons of UberBoyo videos and exploring the notion of a Muse. Multiple reasons why and Steven Pressfield is one of them. The rest are IRL personal experiences I won’t go in too much detail about. But suffice it to say, I am biased for such topics so perhaps the film should really  be 4/5 stars. Anyways, period pieces are the way to go. Especially pre 2015 ones because they are less likely to have revisionist history with tons of Blacks shoved in British antiquity. There was some presentism with the amount of importance laid upon Jung’s Jewish mistress. A bit of a 2nd Wave Feminist bent throughout, but overall I think it was just a way to make it a romance film as well as a bromance. The best part of these “based on a true story” films is that even if they go overboard with modern/liberal reimaginings, if they stay somewhat close to reality, it’s more relatable. Go figure. But for example Carl Jung’s infidelity is much more understandable and hits close to home than the typical RomCom melodramatic and one dimensional portrayals. Which adds depth to the story as well. The Epilogue at the end seems like bullsh*t and I take it with a huge grain of salt. But the Aryan vs Jew (their words not mine) dynamic covered was shockingly accurate and also relatable. Can’t believe that made the final cut. I just wish they could have spent more time on the epiphanies Jung had after his so called psychosis. And his premonitions about WW I. Ah well, just duckduckgo “uberboyo jung” to find out more. Definitely in my top 50 movies now. Amazed at how they made the metaphysical Indo-European man of faith the “good guy” and the reductionist, overly sex obsessed, secular Jew the pseudo-antagonist. Unheard of for mainstream movies. Bravo!
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