Give Dino De Laurentiis’ 1976 ‘King Kong’ Its (Limited) Due
When you hear the words King Kong, what do you think of?
Is it the glorious stop-motion animated creature, climbing alongside the Empire State Building in black and white?  Is it the spry, emotive wonder performed by Andy Serkis in 2005, under a pixelated mask?
Or Is it the most recent version, in which the massive creature gets his long overdue rematch with Godzilla?

It seems that our idea of Kong depends on how we first saw him. For this reason, the mention of the colossally iconic character brings me back to the seventies.
My first Kong wasn’t created by stop-motion animation or CGI but a man in a suit, with the aid of (very) old school blue screen, forced perspective effects and the emotive heartbreak of Jessica Lange.
John Guillerman’s “King Kong” (1976) was my...
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Christian Toto
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