‘Here Are the Young Men’ to Avoid at All Costs
In the first few moments of writer/director Eoin Mackey’s “Here Are the Young Men,” a trio of high school boys behaving badly take a crowbar to the car of an authority figure.
The teacher with the trashed vehicle approaches one of them and asks, “Is this who you wanna be?” The film could have ended there, at that very moment, as it encapsulates everything this film has to say.
Instead, this is only the first of many, many rotten offenses made by the three leads, none of whom I grew to like over the course of 96-minutes.

We follow the awful shenanigans of the three young men, played by Dean-Charles Chapman, Finn Cole and Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, who are rattled when they fail to step in and save a young girl from getting hit by a car.
Their guilt...
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Christian Toto
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