‘The Resort’ Has Only One Redeeming Feature
Four attractive young people (Michelle Randolph, Bianca Haase, Brock O’Hurn and Michael Vlamis) decide to treat the special birthday girl among them and spring for a vacation on Maui in “The Resort.”.
Better still, they plan to island hop and stay overnight at a supposedly haunted and abandoned resort, known for appearances of “The Half-Faced Girl” and bad things that occur in “Room 306.”
The whole thing is presented with a framing device, in which the sole survivor (no telling who -- wait, you won’t care) recalls the whole thing to a cop and we keep flashing back to the terrible six hours she spent on the island.
Here’s the problem with the flashback: it takes place in a hospital room with a single curtain, a window, a bed that...
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Christian Toto
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