The Wind and the Lion, 1975 – ★★★★

John Milius’s big desert epic that takes a The King and I story and puts it in a Lawrence of Arabia-style epic with action reminiscent of The Wild Bunch, and a role for Connery that reminds me of his other adventure film from that year, The Man Who Would Be King. Its great influences course through its veins and give a sense of grandeur. Connery is the real standout, but Brian Keith’s scenes as Teddy Roosevelt are memorable. 
It’s enjoyable, but could use a little more pep in its step. It tends to drag with too much dialogue and not enough oomph (to use a technical term) in the action or editing, for the stirring adventure it wants to be. 
Regardless I feel this one is not well known enough and should be seen more. Also, John Huston is in it, which is...
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